33 Wedding Glam Ideas


Dramatization DIVAS

Film divas of days of old like Ava, Marilyn and Mariene exemplified allure taking care of business! From coffered hair to red drawn lips and hot lined feline eyes, the cosmetics was I female, exotic and eye catching all in the meantime.


Solid exciting cosmetics needs no diversion! Force hair far from the face and smooth it again into a jazzy chignon or contorted into excellent bun. Keep stray hair set up with loads of hair sparkle and hairspray.

Wavy SUE

On the off chance that you favor leaving your long secures, ensure you have a major hair do that will catch everybody’s consideration. For more dramatization, get your beautician to include free twists with bunches of volume. To complete, include a splash of gems or sparkle to your hair for some star-quality.


Get rid of the tiaras and blossoms in your smooth bun or chignon and get long clasps and clasps. Pick long stick-like barrettes with dangling gems or cloisonné structures. It’s great marriage magnificence with a fascinating touch. For something with more shimmer, a jewel ornament or tiara would be flawless.


The new Guerlain L’OR Radiance Concentrate with unadulterated gold cosmetics base gives a gleaming gold brilliance when connected on the face. You can utilize it sparingly for an increasingly unpretentious sparkle or seriously on centered zones for an attractive feature. Accessible from Gurlain counters.


Contingent upon your shading topic, why not include contacts of shining metallic shading to your cosmetics palette. Keep in mind not to over do it; modest accents of gleaming shading lights up any look. Concentrate on the eyes and eyelids; for lips, a sparkly red sheen includes totality and provocativeness


Get moment cheekbones and accomplish the excessively provocative model look utilizing Benefit’s High Beam. Simply touch on the lavish silver-pink fluid for unobtrusive features on cheekbones and a thin nose impact. Accessible from Benefit counters.


Play it up with sensational diamante false lashes, Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar has an enormous choice of in vogue eyelashes that is ideal for making that amazing shudder. Light up eyes with a Swarovski gem lash set or keep it unpretentious with metallic silver strands of lower eyelashes. You can even modify your very own couture lashes for the customize contact.



Disregard lovely knickknacks that are neither here nor there. On the off chance that you are wearing a shoulder uncovering outfit, go for multi-strands pearl or gem chokers with emotional pendants, for V-formed, low back or scalloped neck areas, long sparkling strands circled in layers are rich and include a dash of old world sentiment. To coordinate basic sheaths, wrap lavish jewels everywhere. You can a likewise give greater pieces a shot your arms, abdomen and shoulders.

Extravagant FEATHERS

More planners are fixing their outfits with trims past bands and ornamentations. Quills (short and long) are sensational accents whenever utilized at the correct spots: along the fixes of layered skirts or as an adornment to dissipated precious stone beading. Feathered shawls or even a plume boa in a split second ups the glitz factor as well. To finish the look, get a cap planner to make an emotional headgear with striking hued quills.


The higher the better. Disregard low pads or short heels. Marvelousness looks request charmingly high stilettos. Excessively high heels are the ideal fit for outfits with long trains. Decide on diamante or gem cut structures particle silver or gold calfskin.

Grip IT

Pick a snappy glossy silk clasp to supplement to your alluring night or marriage outfit. The grip is in vogue and ideal for putting away cosmetics fundamentals as well.

Yield IT

While a long shroud is decent, give it a cutting edge contact by having your pouf trimmed at medium length and verified firmly set up by a gem studded headband. You can likewise ask your wedding creator to weaving sequins or diamantes all over your cover. It gives a stunning impact that shows up as though you have shining pearls dissipated all over your head.


Exquisite manicured nails are an absolute necessity. Pick a splendid amazing shading with sparkle or a sheen to coordinate your night outfit or wedding subject. In the event that you should have French manicured nails, choose a hued tip in gold or silver rather than the typical white. It’s increasingly restless and tasteful.


Modest posies are dainty and beautiful, for something fabulous, have a greater bundle and wrap your stems with gems or luce glossy silk strips for a sensational intrigue.



Charming styles mean sultry, liquid lines that fit and slide over each bend. Mermaid of corseted sheaths with esra long trains are flawless styles. A low back or a diving profound V-neck area displaying sparkling precious stone neckbands are dazzling consideration grabbers while short dresses dressed with sparkling decorations or gold and silver trim and beadwork is a certain hit whenever.


Spruce up your basic smooth outfit with rich flashy shawls. Or on the other hand do what john Galliano did in his past accumulations for Christian Dior: He utilized a Chinese weaved sil shawls as a feature of a staggering night outfit.

Brilliant GIRLS

For some star charm, get your brial gang wearing gold dresses or indications of gold (like gold scarves, headbands, ties, blossoms or sleeves). It’ll be amazing and dazzling.



Other than a shading subject like red or gold, figure shimmering embellishments you can use to spruce up staid settings. Sequins and sparkly beaded strands can be utilized to enhance candleholders, flower focal points and even plate settings. Simply get the correct tone to coordinate your shading subject ie. Silver with white or pink, gold with red or green.


Disregard entirely, small blossoms. For more effect, huge delectable sprouts and curiously large leaved and plants add more shading and show to any wedding scene or setting. You can likewise decide on multi-layered decorative layouts that help top off greater spaces. Regardless of whether it’s multi-shaded or a solitary striking shading, these transcending courses of action might be all you requirement for a fabulous setting.oh

Smorgasbord STYLE

The formal plunk down meal suppers are overcompensated. For a jazzy festival, have an extravagant smorgasbord spread with chomp size treats, exquisite canapés, tasteful table enhancements and bubbly champagne. To add to the happy climate, choose on-the-spot crisp cooking of extraordinary dishes. This can cost significantly less than the standard meal also.

Terrific DINING

Eat like the rich and well known illustrious families. Rather than round meal tables, choose long rectangular tables that stretch along the length of the dance hall. It oozes a feeling of glory and magnificence.


Rather than the conventional lady of the hour and man of the hour puppets or blossom show, why not top your cake with an astounding jeweled monogram. You can likewise plan your own topper utilizing wire and highlighted with precious stones, glass globules or rhinestones for included sparkle and charm.

Intelligent BAR

Ideal for an all-grown-up marriage festivity. Have an open intuitive bar pressed with different products of the soil flavors. Your visitors will have some good times making their very own mixed drinks and blends. You can even give a formula menu along the edge. Serve in wide-mouth glasses for a cutting edge contact.

Splendid LIGHTS

Lights are appealing and charming and incredible for a dazzling festival. String pixie lights all around the space for more glitz shimmer.


Square and round cake shapes are a yawn. Attempt a hexagonal plan or combine square and hover levels for a special intrigue. For the more courageous, you can plan your cake as indicated by your subject, for example, having a tall superb château cake for a princess wedding or an enormous boat structure for a nautical topic.


Chinese silk textures are rich and lavish. You can have red accents in your settings or utilize Chinese weaving abilities for table garments or window hangings. Remember the lacquered paper fans and chopsticks as wedding favors.


Make the heavenly environment of a rich tent by hanging long bits of strong gold, silver or ruby shaded material outward from the focal point of the roof with the sumptuous light fixtures hanging above.


For the night festivity, have you visitors wave sparklers around during your walk in. Or then again, you can have the sparklers stuck onto your wedding cake and have them lit before the cake cutting service.


Rather than having the servers complete an excellent walk in when serving the main dish, get them to complete a cake march and serve each table individual 10 inch marriage cakes. Initiate an assortment of structures and cake flavors.



Ladies wearing a cheongsam or chino propelled night outfit can convey a chic hand-painted Chinese paper fan instead of the standard bundle of roses. In case you’re having your wedding outside, you can even convey a dazzling hand-painted oriental paper umbrella to conceal yourself. They likewise make for incredible favors.


As opposed to have your visitor thought of their own red parcel, plan your very own smart form and slip it in together with your welcome card. Or then again, you can make a wedding blessing encompass and send it together with the welcome. It’s additionally an incredible method to imply that money related blessings are liked.


Play around with text style, paper, prints and surface (use brocade, sequins, strips, diamantes, precious stones silk) to make a marvelous welcome card. It’ll certainly give your visitors a look into what’s in store at your wedding

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